What Facebook’s New Food Delivery Feature Means For Restaurant Brands

Facebook is making it easier for you to order food from your favorite restaurants through Facebook. The new feature is available on both the web platform and its mobile app. You will find the option to “Order Food” under the “Explore” navigation menu.

“We’ve been testing this since last year, and after responding to feedback and adding more partners, we’re rolling out everywhere in the US on iOS, Android and desktop,” Alex Himel, VP of Local at Facebook, stated in a post.

Facebook teamed up with existing food delivery services, including Delivery.com, Slice, ChowNow, Zuppler, DoorDash, GrubHub and EatStreet. When you select “Order Food,” locate the restaurant you would like to order from and hit “Start Order.” If the restaurant is in partnership with more than one of Facebook’s delivery partners, you’ll be able to choose between them. If you’re using this feature in the Facebook app, Facebook will launch an in-app browser so you don’t have to leave the Facebook app. Utilizing the feature on the web will direct you to one of the partnered delivery service sites to complete your order.

Users will also be able to read reviews from friends and customers before deciding to make a purchase. This is great exposure for restaurants that users aren’t familiar with. If a restaurant isn’t already partnered with a delivery service, this may provoke them to add this option to their marketing strategy. Small businesses can take advantage of this new feature by offering exclusive discount codes if a purchase is made through Facebook.

We can expect to see more restaurants advertising this feature similar to Yelp Badges. Only time will tell how many people will use the feature and if restaurants will see an increase in sales.

Benefits Of Offering Online Delivery

According to the National Restaurant Association, about one-third of all adults and more than 40% of millennials say being able to reach a restaurant online is an important factor when choosing to order. Sixty percent of adults say they’d take advantage of food delivery to their homes or offices if restaurants offered it.

Cowen chief analyst Andrew Charles stated, “All in, we forecast delivery to grow from $43 billion in 2017 to $76 billion in 2022, 12% annually over the next five years.”

According to GrubHub, restaurants saw a 50% increase in average monthly orders after using the service for a year. A GrubHub study showed that the convenience of customers filling out their own information online saved restaurant workers, who would normally be taking these orders over the phone, 2.5 hours of time for every 100 takeout orders.

Launching online ordering is easier than restaurant owners realize. There is no cost to sign up, technical support is included and the interface is user-friendly. Restaurants can easily incorporate promo codes or daily specials and have it automatically deducted from the total order.

With these benefits and more, implementing an online delivery service into your 2018 marketing strategy should strongly be considered. It may take time to get a delivery service up and running. With the potential to dramatically increase exposure and revenue, the investment is worth it.

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