Twitch: My Favorite Streamers and Why

Twitch has been a source of gaming entertainment for a few years. Whether I’m indecisive about a game and need to see gameplay or curious about a game I know I’ll never purchase, Twitch as met my needs.

I’ve always been the type to locate and support small streamers. I enjoy giving them some love for being authentic. Even if I’m the only viewer, it’s rewarding for them to know someone is watching and engaged. Over the years, I’ve discovered entertaining streamers who not only know how to play video games but engage with their community in a way big streamers don’t. Here are a couple of my faves. 


Soulo13, a Twitch streamer, played Dead by Daylight and I became fascinated with the game. Once he signed off, I switched over to YouTube to see more. I discovered KangGaming in his infancy and Dead by Daylight helped catapult his channel. For personal reasons, he switched to Twitch.

KangGaming plays a variety of games but dedicates most of his time to arcade or indie games with a splash of FPS, usually The Division 2. He’s a Nintendo partner, so if you’re looking for Nintendo releases, specifically Super Mario Bro., you should check him out. He plays with members of his community more than 50% of the time. His community is very welcoming as long as you aren’t a troll. KangGaming doesn’t swear and considers his channel to be family-friendly. He currently splits his time between Twitch and DLive.


Katie’s avatar is the one on the left.


I discovered Katie via watching KangGaming play SOS: The Ultimate Escape. They teamed up during a couple of rounds and I fell in love with her witty gameplay. I continued to watch her streams primarily for SOS but stayed for her roleplay in Grand Theft Auto: 5. Her roleplay as a low-key drug lord named Khloe Leaves was amazing! Everyone she interacted with during that storyline was brilliant. Their roleplay was more interesting than TV shows. I never knew how in-depth GTA: 5 roleplay was until Katie showed viewers Google Docs explaining in-game interest rates, inflation, prices, police laws, etc.

Katie is also great at FPS games, but she doesn’t give herself enough credit. What draws you in is her love for her community and fellow gamers. She loves cats and hates drama. Several women gamers use their looks to get views, but Katie rarely shows herself on camera because she lets her gaming speak for itself. Katie streams almost every day. If she’s filled with energy, she’ll stream for 12+ hours.


I became mildly obsessed with Super Mario Maker. I was intrigued by the creativity of the creators. Did a quick search for active Super Mario Maker live-streams on Twitch and discovered TheIncrediblePaco. His community is hilarious and he sometimes messes up due to interacting with the chat. He pokes fun of himself, sometimes admits he’s terrible, swears quite often, and is naturally loud. I advise you to turn down your volume while watching him. If he comes across a level he’s struggling with, he won’t give up. He’ll spend two hours trying to defeat that level.

His channel is dedicated to Super Mario Maker and Kamakaze runs. He plays the viewer’s levels and saves some of the best clips for his YouTube channel. He always takes advice on how to complete a level from chat, so if you have tips, share them. He’ll acknowledge you and might give you a Twitch sub.


ONE_shot_GURL is known for being a YouTube gamer with over 500K followers. She has always had a Twitch channel but became active on the account this year. She plays a variety of games including arcade, indie, and FPS. Her current game of choice is Fortnite.

Her account is VERY family-friendly and light-hearted. ONE_shot_GURL’s community is extremely welcoming. Sometimes her father and siblings will get involved with her streams. They aren’t the best at gaming, but it’s the family interaction that makes those streams adorable. She doesn’t have to play a game to maintain viewers. During the Fortnite blackhole, she chatted with her community for 3+ hours. She never played a game during that stream but maintained 1k+ viewers.

op.jpg OPscT

OPscT is an interesting Twitcher. He’ll stream for a couple of months then goes on hiatus. When he does stream, his viewer count can reach over 20k BUT he interacts with his community. I first discovered his YouTube clips of H1Z1. He is an amazing FPS player! If you want to watch someone with pure skill win almost every match, he’s your guy.

His community isn’t toxic, but he has more trolls than the above streamers. He tends to stream for long periods including a 27-hour stream. He plays in a few FPS tournaments but doesn’t have an extreme ego.


When Catzilla is focused, she IS focused! I came upon her channel via ONE_shot_GURL while she played Apex Legends. Catzilla does short streams due to being in college and having a job. She often plays squads in Apex Legends with fellow streamers or her sister FooYa. Her community is very welcoming.

I would love to see her team up for a couple of rounds of Apex Legends with Katie. With both of their skills, the games would be intense and thoroughly entertaining.

One final note for all of the streamers listed, if you engage with their community as a genuine fan, you’re likely to get a Twitch sub from one of their top tier members. That’s how nice their communities are. Do not take advantage of this.

You can find some amazing streamers on Twitch. Instead of choosing those with thousands of viewers, scroll down a bit and find a gem with a couple hundred viewers or less. If their playstyle and personality are to your liking, drop a hello in their chat, and give a follow. They’ll appreciate it.



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