Freelance Writing: Realtor Interview – Samantha Johnson

**Freelance Writing – Realtor Interview: The Name Was Changed**

Samantha Johnson has been in the industry since 2001 but started as a receptionist at Frontier Real Estate Better Homes and Gardens at 16 years of age. She started studying for her real estate license at the age of 18 and is now a Top Producer for the Northwest Denver Metropolitan area including Fort Collins, Louisville, and Lafayette. Samantha, who can fit more into 24 hours than Beyonce, specializes in first time home buying, REO, and short sales. 

As an independent agent with West + Main Homes, Samantha utilizes well-rounded marketing campaigns including lead generation, blogs, flyers, open-houses, and unique virtual tours that allow clients to feel as though they’re physically exploring a new home whether at a coffee shop or their office.

As a successful agent, Samantha establishes rapport and builds trust by alleviating the stress that accompanies buying or selling a home. “Putting myself in their shoes in number one,” she says. “Number two, I always try to be ridiculously available. Real estate does not happen 9 to 5. I live my life on calls for my clients because that’s why I’m here. I never want to be that agent that never gets them to the right property on time.”

The real estate process isn’t easy, but with proactivity, an agent, “can see some of the roadblocks ahead of the curve and you come up with a strategy before you even hit an obstacle, I think it just sets everything up for success.” She’s grateful for her new and returning clients and shows her appreciation for referrals by sending flowers or pop-bys to deepen her relationships. If the opportunity is available, she also donates a portion of her commission to a charity of her client’s choice.

Samantha also gives back to her community by holding food drives for her local food bank and supports a child in Africa via Out of Ashes — a non-profit charitable organization combating human trafficking, child prostitution, and provides aid for the poor and marginalized.

As for her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children and sharing family updates on social media. Her family is her “entire world” and she spends as much time with them as possible. She loves going to new restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and hanging out with friends.

Considering the years to come, Samantha plans on continuing to be proactive, increasing sales, and expanding her social media business presence by creating a YouTube channel to increase her video exposure and build content. Her goal is to educate people on the real estate process. “I want to be a resource where they can click on a video and learn about the inspection, learn about the process, how much money do I need to have down,” she explains. “Just have a library of content that on a Saturday morning, they can grab a cup of coffee, watch a video, and become educated.”

Samantha wants the real estate process to be easy for her clients no matter what side of the transaction they’re on.

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