I Made Dalgona Coffee Because I’m a Sucker for Java

You may have heard of dalgona coffee via social media. The coffee went viral last week and I decided to give it a try.

Dalgona coffee consists of two tbsps instant coffee (I used Folgers) and equal parts sugar and hot water. I’ve seen some people make it with cold water, but it doesn’t make a difference. Use a hand mixer and mix until the coffee is a whipped cream consistency. If you want it thicker, mix until its a slight mousse texture. Place on top of hot or cold milk (I used almond milk). Feel free to mix together or drink as is. If you enjoy strong lattes, this is for you. If you prefer a light coffee flavor, add more milk.

Dalgona Coffee Shalanjo

Since I don’t have a hand mixer and wasn’t about to whip out my stand mixer for six tbsps of ingredients, I shook everything in a mason jar. Not sure how long it took since I was preparing breakfast while shaking it. It may have taken 15-20 minutes to get it to a whipped consistency. Be prepared for an arm workout.

I enjoyed the dalgona coffee mixed and unmixed. When unmixed, the texture and flavor was a nice compliment to the cold almond milk. A little hard to describe. When mixed together, it becomes a strong latte.

I would only make this again if I had a hand mixer because shaking it in a mason jar isn’t worth the time. Dalgona coffee is purely made for aesthetics and a nice change from regular coffee. Give Starbucks time. They’ll add this to their menu.

Dalgona Coffee Shalanjo2

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