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How Burger King Used Instagram Stories Better Than Their Competitors ( Article)

If you’ve been using Instagram Stories for your business, you’ll want to pay attention to how Burger King upped the marketing ante when it comes to getting results.

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Burger King Reiterates “Have It Your Way” 

With 80 percent of users following a business on Instagram and over 300 million using Instagram Stories each day, there’s a lot of information to consume. Since Instagram users spend time flipping through stories, why not have them stop and make a burger?

Burger King España utilized the Instagram Stories poll to allow consumers to create their own Whoppers. After choosing their ingredients, participants received a promo code (sent through DM) to redeem their free custom Whopper.


According to LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, the agency responsible for the “Stories Ordering” campaign, over 80 percent of their followers engaged with the story. More than 34,000 custom Whopper coupons were created to last 24 hours, but Burger King ran out within three hours.

What’s even more amazing is over 45,000 unique users interacted with the story for more than three minutes. In a society with short attention spans, that outcome is huge!

With a low production cost and no media advertising, Burger King España gained 5,000 new followers in one day and obtained data on their customers’ preferences to create the InstaWhopper.


The winning ingredients included a double patty with cheese (selected by 90 percent), bacon (84 percent), ketchup (81 percent), mayo (76 percent), lettuce (75 percent), onion (57 percent), and tomatoes (57 percent).

Sorry to all of you pickle lovers, but they didn’t make the cut. The InstaWhopper was sold for a limited time at every Burger King in Spain.

The popular strategy has made its way to America in honor of National Hamburger Day on May 28. You can place your votes for America’s Favorite Whopper in Burger Kings’ Instagram Stories.


Of course, giving away free customizable burgers is a recipe for success. The other reason for this success is its interactivity. Enabling a personal conversation between brands and consumers is more appealing to millennials and Gen Z. The ease of instant gratification is a strategy very few businesses implement.

How to Make Instagram Stories Work for You

No matter what your business sells, storytelling is key. Drum up personal interest in your product so consumers will feel like they’re part of the brand. Make sure your Instagram Stories have a beginning, middle, and end that communicates a distinct message and outcome.

Create relatable quality content and viewers are more likely to engage and keep coming back for more.

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Description: Burger King used Instagram Stories to allow consumers to create customizable Whoppers.

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Open Your Heart

We unknowingly go through life closed off to people, the environment, and social situations. Yes, we interact with people on a daily basis, but are you truly yourself 100 percent of the time?

Life is constantly tossing us challenges and the results will often change us, for the better or worse. Happiness is a state of mind and a choice. Regardless of what challenges you’ve had, it is time to choose happiness. Yes, it can be hard, but it starts with opening your heart.

Opening your heart starts from within. It will allow you to eliminate sadness and unforgiving thoughts of others and ourselves. Absorbing positivity will generate a sense of mental freedom and clarity.

Appreciate who you are and be yourself. Many people wander the earth without knowing who they are. Do you? Are you simply going through the paces of life like a robot? Stop and take a moment to discover your true self.

Be open to receiving anything and everything. It’s great to be independent, but even the most independent person needs help. Instead of rejecting help, take it. Take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Accepting help will not devalue your independence or strength.

Open your heart to past mistakes, accept them, learn from them and move into the future with newfound knowledge. The past can eat at us. Don’t lose sight of who you are now and how you can better yourself.

Do something you love every day. For me, it’s writing. It is sometimes hard for me to organize my thoughts because my brain is constantly churning. Writing helps me focus my thoughts and express myself. Sometimes, reading my own words is therapeutic.

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The Power of Sharing and Generosity

Sharing or generosity is an undervalued attribute in society. We live in a world where people feel as if sharing will minimize their opportunities, time or money. Some people will only give when the opportunity suits them or when they want something in return. What happened to genuinely wanting to share?

When you’re open to sharing, materialism will have less of a grip on your life. You will be able to shift your focus from yourself to the object of your generosity. You won’t be the center of attention for that moment and that’s OK. Even a meager dose of generosity can change someone’s life.

Studies have shown that people who are generous, feel happier, more fulfilled and confident. This psychological change helps people to discover their purpose and can lower their sense of selfishness.

The mindset of competition in everything we do is a false premise. If you are a successful artist, business person, musician, or any other form of expert and have the knowledge to help someone else, share it. People who are truly generous know that life is short and they only have a small amount of time to leave an imprint on this earth.

When you genuinely share, people will recognize you as a helpful resource. Let’s face it, this can be negative and positive. You do have to be careful with people who are grateful for your help but will try to take advantage of your generosity down the road. Hopefully, you’ll encounter more people who will never forget the generosity you provided and will be there for you in your time of need without asking.

This world needs more generous people!

Do you consider yourself to be a generous person?

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Five-Minute Breathing Meditation Tips and Benefits

If you’ve always been interested in meditation but can’t find the time, these five-minute breathing meditation tips are perfect for your busy life. It is best to meditate for 20-60 minutes, but you can experience focus and relaxation in just five minutes.

You may be thinking, “Five minutes? That’s not even worth doing.” It is better to do a five-minute breathing meditation segment than nothing at all. You’ll feel the difference. The busier you feel in life, the more you should meditate. Whether you realize it or not, you could be mentally stressed without actually feeling it.

Taking a break from your daily task and incorporating five-minute breathing meditation can help improve your concentration. If you have a busy mind or can get easily distracted, calming your mind may be difficult, but it is possible. Try to pick a single motivating topic to meditate about. Quiet your surroundings and focus on that thought. You’ll have to learn how to catch your mind when it drifts off to another distractor and pulling it back. If you need a sound to focus on while meditating, listen to rainfall, ocean waves or nature sounds.

Those who practice five-minute breathing meditation have also experienced increased memory. While meditating, you calm your mind and can think of or recall anything you choose. With improved concentration, you’ll be able to communicate with people more effectively because you’ll be able to articulate a clear concise thought. In turn, you’ll be able to retain more information. Although Buddhist monks are known to meditate for hours, their improved memory over time helped them learn full texts and recite it later.

Five-minute breathing meditation can also reduce stress and increase happiness. Life can be stressful, but stopping everything you’re doing for just five minutes can calm the mind. Believe it or not, effective breathing meditation can help reduce any pain you may feel caused by stress. Meditation acts as a distractor and takes your mind off of stressful events. With practice and patience, you can achieve relaxation and forget the troubles of your day.

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Natural Energy Boosters to Beat Exhaustion

Most of us are overworked and exhausted all the time. Either we don’t get enough sleep or still feel tired after eight hours. We are surrounded by energy zappers. Whether they are visible, hidden or randomly smacking us in the face, it can put a strain on our lives.  Since we are programmed to “go, go, go,” chugging coffee or sugar-packed energy drinks may be your first choice, but there are several natural energy boosters.

Stand Up
Many of us work at a desk and find ourselves sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. We often eat our lunch at our desk and only get up to use the restroom or attend a meeting. You’re probably feeling tired right now. Perk up by standing at your desk. Simply standing can reduce stress and fatigue. Standing has also been proven to boost productivity levels. Of course, you don’t have to stand for the full eight-hour shift. Standing for 20 minutes can increase blood flow and allow you to stretch your muscles.

Take a Walk
When feeling exhausted, your first thought may be to take a nap. Instead, take a walk. Even if you can only step away for five minutes, simply walking to the water cooler or walking to a restroom further down the hall is beneficial. So step away for a minute even if it is to go nowhere.

Increase Your B12 Intake
If you’re B12 deficient, one of the first signs is fatigue. B12 is a complex vitamin that cannot be stored in the body. You need to either take a supplement or eat B12 rich foods on a daily basis. B12 helps keep your thyroid functioning and your red blood cells healthy.

Stay Hydrated
Water is a no-brainer. Instead of drinking tons of coffee, try plain water or add a few squeezes of lemon for flavor. Green tea is a great alternative. Many fruits and vegetables also contain water. If you aren’t sure about the amount of water you should drink a day, divide your body weight by two. That is the number of ounces you should drink per day.

Make Your Own Energy Drink
There are a lot of energy drinks on the market, but many of them are packed with sugar and other unnatural ingredients. Try one of these simple electrolyte-packed natural energy boosters for a long-lasting natural boost.

Reduce Your Carb Intake
Carbs are delicious, but they can do damage to your energy levels. Simple carbs like cookies, donuts and processed foods are guaranteed to make you feel sluggish. Simple carbs may give you a temporary boost by spiking your blood sugar, but you will crash once it falls. Eat whole-grain, low-glycemic carbs. Your body will take longer to digest these carbs allowing a more leveled energy increase instead of a crash and burn effect.

Sit Up
Slouching can cause bent arteries and the restriction of blood flow. Slouching also makes your muscles work harder when your bones should be doing the work. Simply switching up your posture can give immediate relief. Many of us never notice we are sitting with our shoulders and neck forward arching our backs. Try sitting upright with your shoulders back and neck shifted up.

Socialize and Be Active
You got enough sleep, you didn’t work hard, but you still feel exhausted. Hang out with a high-energy friend. Sometimes a change in your environment can uplift and revitalize your mind and body. If you have a friend who enjoys going to the gym or for a hike, hang with them. Physical activity is one of the best natural energy boosters. You’ll feel great during and after your outing.

It’s important to eat magnesium-rich foods or a high-quality supplement. Our bodies do not produce magnesium on its own, so it is important to get the proper daily amount. Adults should take no more than 300-350 mg a day. Magnesium helps manage muscle and nerve function as well as energy production.

Incorporate one or all of these natural energy boosters and you’ll feel a difference in your energy and overall mood.

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The Evolution of Devil’s Purse Brewing Company

Matt Belson and Mike Segerson started brewing together in 2010. What started off as a hobby, quickly evolved into a passion. After weekly gatherings to brew and talk about beer, the pair came up with the idea for Devil’s Purse Brewing Company and their goal to open a craft brewery in Cape Cod, became a reality.

Belson and Segerson improved their craft by traveling to a variety of breweries and obtaining advice from professional brewers. After several site visits, they found a wonderful location to open their brewery in the town of Dennis. On Jan. 1, 2015, Belson and Segerson received their permits and their first test batch of beer was brewed on Feb. 27, 2015.

After years of brewing in their home kitchen, tasting their first beer brewed in their new commercial system was, “truly satisfying, especially when it tasted delicious,” said Belson.

Throughout the years, Devil’s Purse Brewing Company has evolved into producing a variety of beers, including Surfman’s Check™ ESB and Pollock Rip™ IPA. Due to their love of creativity and experimentation, they feature rotating and seasonal beers including Cuddy Queen™ American Pale Ale, Shiso Berry Ale, Dock Lizard™ Imperial Spiced Ale, and Sevenstones™ Double IPA.

The journey to opening Devil’s Purse Brewing Company was filled with incredible experiences, trial and error, and many laughs.

“Starting Devil’s Purse Brewing Company has been and remains an incredible journey,” said Belson. “We could not have come this far without the support of our families, friends, and positive guidance from incredible people along the way.”

Belson and Segerson are devoted to brewing their beer with the finest ingredients. Having the opportunity to share their handcrafted beers with the public is a dream come true.

“We continue to be inspired by the tremendous craft beers that are being produced around the country,” said Segerson. “We are excited to share them with our awesome Cape Cod community and for all lovers of craft beer to enjoy.”

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5 Fun Facts About Beer

With the holidays coming up, we’re quite sure you’ll have a drink or two. If you need something to talk about, drink up these fun facts about beer and sound smarter while you’re waiting for dinner to be served!

7.5 million liters of beer were served at Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest is one of the most popular celebrations for beer consumers. This year’s event was another success with approximately 6.2 million visitors and 7.5 million liters of beer consumed. That number is up from 7.3 million liters at Oktoberfest 2015.

Doctors prescribed “medical beer”

During prohibition, brewers, physicians, and imbibers attempted to persuade U.S. Congress that beer was vital medicine. In March 1921, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer declared “doctors to prescribe beer at any time, under any circumstances and in any amount they saw fit.” Doctors prescribed “medical beer” from March 1921 to November 1921 until Congress banned it.

New Hampshire consumes the most beer

You would think Nevada would have been number one, but New Hampshire takes the top spot in beer consumption with 41.7 gallons annually per capita. Montana was second with 39.1 gallons of beer and South Dakota rounded out the top three with 38.6 gallons of beer.

Fried beer won Most Creative Food at the 2010 Texas State Fair

State fairs have become synonymous with unique fried treats. At the 2010 Texas State Fair, deep-fried beer-filled pretzel pockets were entered into the Big Tex Choice Awards and won for Most Creative Food.

Mars has a crater named Beer

Beer is a crater located in the Margaritifer Sinus region of the planet Mars named after the German astronomer Wilhelm Beer. The next time you’re drinking beer under the stars, raise your glass and say, “Cheers to Beer.”

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What’s the Difference Between Beer and Cider?

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages around the world, but cider, a staple in Britain, is growing in popularity in the states. Most cider and beer lovers have a hard time differentiating between the two. Here are a couple of differences you should be knowledgeable of.


Beer is made from malted barley while cider is made from fermented apple juice. There are several beers that contain fruit and other ingredients, but the core is always malted barley. No true cider contains malted grains.


Beer comes in a variety of colors from pale to very dark depending on the malt. Ciders are often yellow, orange or brown. Ciders may also vary in cloudiness and sediment due to the fermentation process and filtering.

Sugar Content

The amount of sugar in beer compared to cider is the biggest difference. Beer contains a larger amount of complex sugars post-fermentation which aids in balancing bitterness and rounds out the mouthfeel. Beer and Cider both can have sugar added to it in order to dry it out or even to increase the sweetness. Sugar is not used post-fermentation to sweeten beer while with cider it can be used pre or post-filtering to balance the acidity or mouthfeel. Cider contains a higher quantity of sugar and varies per brand. Dry ciders allow the yeast to feed on the natural sugars to create a less sweet and higher alcohol content. As well as the difference in fermentation, beer is boiled while cider is more often than not, not boiled.

Health Benefits

The fruit juice in ciders contain antioxidants including polyphenols. According to one study, these antioxidants have been linked to protecting against certain types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Naturally occurring polyphenols are present in hops and malts, but brewers often remove it during the beer-making process because it makes the beer cloudy. In a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, beer does contain flavonoids (a type of polyphenol compound) that may be good for your heart.

Alcohol Content

Beer and cider have a similar alcohol content, but in America cider can be alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic. In most English speaking countries, cider is synonymous with alcoholic apple fermented products and apple juice encapsulates all of the other varieties of non-alcoholic apple beverages. Beer always contains alcohol.

These differences don’t make one better than the other. Some may say people who aren’t beer drinkers should start off with ciders and work their way to beer. Regardless of preference, there are a variety of ciders and beers to choose from. If you would like to taste the difference between a cider and beer, try McKenzie’s Hard Cider and Stella Artois Cidre.


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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Beer

We always hear about the amazing health benefits of wine, but what about beer? Here are five amazing health benefits of beer you may not have known.

Improves Cholesterol

A 2016 study by the American Heart Association revealed moderate consumption of beer slowly decreased cholesterol over time. You may think drinking more would increase those results, but the same study revealed that heavy drinking eliminated this benefit.

Improves Memory

Beer contains vitamin B12, which is essential in maintaining healthy brain cells, concentration, and memory.

Boost Problem-Solving Skills

A study published in the Consciousness and Cognition journal revealed that participants with a blood alcohol level of 0.07 or higher solved 40 percent more problems and took less time to complete than their sober counterparts.

The findings found that participants were in a more flexible mental state which allowed them to be more creative to solve problems compared to those who were sober.

Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones

Beer acts as a diuretic and increases urination. An increase in urination helps remove toxins and other materials from the body that can result in kidney stones.

Aids in Digestion

Beer is a great source of fiber. It has more fiber than wine which makes it a better option.

Beer may have great health benefits, this does not mean you should increase your alcohol consumption. Remember to always drink beer and other alcoholic beverages in moderation. Do not drink and drive.


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Why Choose Planet Stone

At Planet Stone, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service, excellent installation and affordable prices. We’ve served the Los Angeles area since 2005 and have partnered with a variety of manufacturers to offer customers the highest quality products. We offer a variety of stones to meet your style and needs including quartz, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and soapstone.

Planet Stone is exclusively set up to provide custom made stone products that are shipped to the job site and are ready for installation.

What We Do

Planet Stone will help with full kitchen remodeling projects and countertop replacement, as well as backsplash and tile work. We’ll make sure your kitchen looks the part for all of your cooking and entertaining needs. We now offer a full line of kitchen cabinets and sinks to help complete your design.

If you aren’t sure about the color scheme, play with a variety of options in our virtual kitchen designer to see which color combination and countertop work for you. Write down your final virtual design details and call 818.890.0810 so we can get started.

Let our amazing crew give your bathroom a fresh makeover. Using our beautiful stone for your tub or shower, vanity, walls, and flooring will create the spa-like atmosphere you desire. We also offer sinks and cabinets to help complete your look.

Let Planet Stone give your business a touch-up. We specialize in flooring, exterior stonework, tabletops, and multi-unit projects. Whether you need to revamp your reception area or your restaurant, we’ll get the job done.

How to Get Started

To request a free estimate, follow these simple steps:

  1. View Our Stone Collection – Choose between custom, prefab and natural stones (all listed under our Materials tab).
  2. Choose an Edge Type – Choose the best edge style for your countertop or use the layout of your current countertop. We offer standard and custom styles.
  3. Provide the Details – To provide an accurate estimate, we’ll need you to fill out a detailed form. Include dimensions of the project area, upload overhead images and additional details based on your project. We want to provide the best estimate possible.

What You’ll Experience

Planet Stone combines great customer service, high-quality control, and excellent craftsmanship to manufacture and install our materials. We’ll work with you every step of the way to get the final look you want. We stand behind our craftsmanship and offer a one year warranty on all installations and labor. For more information about our warranty, visit our FAQ page. You can also visit our blog for more design tips.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help bring your remodeling project to life!