Real Estate Marketing – Luxury Apartments Social Media

While freelancing for Show My Property TV, I was responsible for managing multiple social media accounts for luxury apartments across the United States. The goal for each luxury apartment was to increase move-ins via lead generation and share information about their properties on social media channels.

My social media management included creating social copy, producing graphics for ads and social media pages, increasing website traffic, lead generation, and showcasing the surrounding area to help boost interest in the properties. Each property had a different demographic to target, so all ads were adjusted accordingly via Facebook Business Manager. My lead generation ad generated 85 leads in one month at an average cost of $3.50 per lead and a relevancy score of 10.


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Video Content: Brushing Up on Video Creation

Having a background in social media marketing has allowed me to explore the art of video creation. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have access to programs, free of charge, to expand my knowledge of editing and audio.

My friend gave me access to a few programs to improve my video skills. I’m beyond excited to have industry-standard programs at my fingertips. It’s going to be interesting to see what new formats I can think of. Regardless, I want to feel that sense of joy and excitement when I watch my finished product. My goal is to continue with social media formatted vids for resume purposes, but also expand into more complex editing techniques. What I learn may take me to higher places in my career.

I’ve shared two social videos I created early in my video editing days. They were both for a social media company I worked for. As simple as they are, I’m happy to say they performed well. The Power Rangers’ video received over 23 million views and The Animaniacs video has over 4 million.

How Burger King Used Instagram Stories Better Than Their Competitors ( Article)

If you’ve been using Instagram Stories for your business, you’ll want to pay attention to how Burger King upped the marketing ante when it comes to getting results.

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Burger King Reiterates “Have It Your Way” 

With 80 percent of users following a business on Instagram and over 300 million using Instagram Stories each day, there’s a lot of information to consume. Since Instagram users spend time flipping through stories, why not have them stop and make a burger?

Burger King España utilized the Instagram Stories poll to allow consumers to create their own Whoppers. After choosing their ingredients, participants received a promo code (sent through DM) to redeem their free custom Whopper.


According to LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, the agency responsible for the “Stories Ordering” campaign, over 80 percent of their followers engaged with the story. More than 34,000 custom Whopper coupons were created to last 24 hours, but Burger King ran out within three hours.

What’s even more amazing is over 45,000 unique users interacted with the story for more than three minutes. In a society with short attention spans, that outcome is huge!

With a low production cost and no media advertising, Burger King España gained 5,000 new followers in one day and obtained data on their customers’ preferences to create the InstaWhopper.


The winning ingredients included a double patty with cheese (selected by 90 percent), bacon (84 percent), ketchup (81 percent), mayo (76 percent), lettuce (75 percent), onion (57 percent), and tomatoes (57 percent).

Sorry to all of you pickle lovers, but they didn’t make the cut. The InstaWhopper was sold for a limited time at every Burger King in Spain.

The popular strategy has made its way to America in honor of National Hamburger Day on May 28. You can place your votes for America’s Favorite Whopper in Burger Kings’ Instagram Stories.


Of course, giving away free customizable burgers is a recipe for success. The other reason for this success is its interactivity. Enabling a personal conversation between brands and consumers is more appealing to millennials and Gen Z. The ease of instant gratification is a strategy very few businesses implement.

How to Make Instagram Stories Work for You

No matter what your business sells, storytelling is key. Drum up personal interest in your product so consumers will feel like they’re part of the brand. Make sure your Instagram Stories have a beginning, middle, and end that communicates a distinct message and outcome.

Create relatable quality content and viewers are more likely to engage and keep coming back for more.

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Description: Burger King used Instagram Stories to allow consumers to create customizable Whoppers.

TBar Apparel Social Media Management

TBar (Texas Born and Raised) is a small apparel business located in Texas. The goal of the campaign was to amplify their brand to Texans and increase sales.

I worked with the client to represent the brand in their tone, create graphics, social copy, and keep social media ads limited to the state of Texas. The ads received 446 website link clicks at a cost of $0.21 per click in one week. The ads also increased sales by 72% which led to customers requesting different types of hats, shirts, and sizes. As a result of my social media success, the owner landed a small sales section in a popular store in Texas. My Facebook likes ad generated 223 new fans in the same week.

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BluGuard Smart Home and Security

BluGuard Security is a North Colorado security company that provides smart home and security services for local homes and businesses.

My responsibilities included curating blog posts and creating graphics for Facebook and lead gen ads.

Blog Articles:

6 Reasons Why a Doorbell Camera is a Must-Have
Intrusion Detectors for Home Security

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Stupell Home Décor Social Media Management

Stupell Home Décor produces an American-made product that is both affordable for the average consumer and impressive enough for even the hardest-to-please decorator.

While working with Stupell Home Décor, I created social copy, graphics, video content, customer support, and managed their ad spend via Facebook Business Manager. My social media work increased their page likes by 2K%, reach increased 2.6K%, and post engagement surpassed expectations with an increase of 3.6K%.

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