Bathroom Countertop Trends

When choosing a bathroom countertop, you have to choose one that is durable and can withstand soap, water, heat (curling and flat irons) and other common products. You may want to choose a surface that’s easy to clean and requires low maintenance. Here are some popular surfaces to consider for your bathroom remodel.


Limestone provides a more rustic look. Limestone is strong, durable, as well as moisture and stain-resistant, making it an ideal choice for bathroom countertops. Limestone has a natural dull luster that hides minor surface scratches and cleans easily. Limestone comes in a variety of colors and textures to match contemporary and modern bathrooms.


Granite countertops create a luxurious look to any bathroom. There are several affordable grades of granite on the market, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune. Granite resists stains and isn’t damaged by water or heat. You will have to occasionally seal granite for protection and longevity.


Soapstone is softer than many other types of stone. This material is very dense and non-porous. It withstands heat and is resistant to stains.


Marble creates sheer beauty for any bathroom. Only use marble in bathrooms that aren’t heavily used. Marble needs gentle treatment as is prone to scratches and stains.


Quartz is incredibly durable and low-maintenance. Quartz is often seen as an affordable option compared to granite and marble. Quartz doesn’t need to be stained in order to last longer like granite. This nonporous surface is mold, mildew, and scratch-resistant.


Travertine has a light color and can take on a high polish. It is harder than limestone or marble, making it well suited for busy bathrooms. Travertine should be sealed for protection and longevity.

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Affordable Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

You may not think of your bathroom as a relaxing place to be, but with some tweaks, your bathroom can turn into a spa.

Declutter Your Toiletries

Clutter can make a room look messy and can elevate stress levels. That’s why when you walk into a spa, their toiletries are often hidden or strategically placed. Get rid of toiletries you’ll never use again. This will free up counter and cabinet space. If you have items such as bath beads or salts, place them in glass jars or other containers to match your decor.

Upgrade Your Sink

Spas are popular because their fixtures are unique. Incorporating a raised sink bowl can instantly give your bathroom a remarkable look. Once you remove your basin, you’ll have additional storage under your sink.

Beautiful Stone Countertops

Stones are appealing to the eye, can add a touch of quality, and are great moisture and bacteria deterrents. Quartz is a great material and comes in a variety of colors. It doesn’t require sealing and it has a variety of edge treatments. Visit our quartz selection and installation options for more details.

Pamper Yourself with a Deep Soaking Tub

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a soaking tub. Bath manufacturers offer a variety of small soaking tubs that will fit your current tub space. If you aren’t the type of person to soak in the tub, incorporate a massaging showerhead to smooth out any knots in your back or neck.

Install Dimming Lights

Your natural bathroom lighting may be too bright to allow you to fully relax. With a dimmer, you can soften the lighting to get the spa-like relaxation you desire.


Fragrances are known to boost one’s mood. Place a diffuser with lavender or peppermint essential oils in your bathroom. Scented candles can add additional ambiance.

Paint Your Walls

Paint your walls with de-stressing colors such as soft blues, pale green or beige. These colors can add a soothing and spacious feel to your bathroom.

With these tips, any bathroom can be turned into an at-home oasis regardless of your space or budget.