Quick Food Review: Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

I’ve had the Impossible burger a couple of times from The Cheesecake Factory and fell in love with the plant-based alternative. Approximately a month ago, I found out Burger King also had their version and I gave it a try yesterday.

Not impressed.


The patty was perfectly shaped leading me to believe they receive their Impossible patties frozen. The patty was thin but the diameter of a standard Whopper. The patty had no seasoning except for the charred flavor from their grill. The texture was even different. There were reports that Burger King replacing Impossible Whoppers with actual beef. If you’re hardcore vegan, Burger King grills the plant-based alternative on the same grill as their other meats. You would have to request your Impossible Whopper be grilled separately and hope they follow instructions. I’m not a hardcore vegan, so I didn’t mind.

If I had to guess, The Cheesecake Factory must get their Impossible “meat” delivered ground because the patties are never the same size. I’ve had one patty from The Cheesecake Factory that felt like it weighed 5 lbs. Yes, that’s an exaggeration, but it was a hefty burger. Due to it possibly being ground may allow The Cheesecake Factory to add additional seasoning before grilling.

I won’t purchase the Impossible Whopper from Burger King again. If you’ve never had the Impossible substitute, order elsewhere and hope the patty is fresh and not frozen.

A friend discovered a plant-based alternative at her local Gelson’s market packaged ground. This news prompted me to research and discover Impossible will be sold in local grocery stores worldwide. I look forward to purchasing it!