Random Word Challenge: Bacon

Random Word of the Day: Bacon

I couldn’t help but laugh when this word appeared. This is day two of my random word challenge. It seems like it’s going to be interesting. 😀 OK, let’s talk briefly about bacon.

Remember when people put bacon on and in everything the way they do Flamin’ Hot Cheetos now? Well, they still do. I’m all for a nice crispy piece of bacon, but bacon milkshakes and bacon ice cream was going too far. OK, I’ll admit I did have a breakfast ice cream that included maple flavored ice cream with bits of waffles and bacon. It wasn’t bad, but the soggy bits of bacon distracted my tastebuds from fully enjoying it. If a bacon milkshake sounds interesting to you, here’s a recipe. Honestly, I may try this milkshake myself. It looks good. No shame here.

I’ll never forget when I first saw a bacon bouquet. My first thought was people are crazy. After giving it some thought, I wouldn’t be mad if my man gave me one of these instead of roses. I’d laugh my ass off, but I sure would eat it.

bacon bouque

If you want your own bacon bouquet, here’s a recipe that includes chocolate.

Alright, now I’m craving bacon. Let me get up and workout to take my mind off of food.




Bogus Viral Food Videos

As you scroll through your social media feed, you land on a Tasty or So Yummy video. Odds are they’re making something that looks ridiculously delicious with ingredients you never thought you could use or a unique method you’d wish you thought of. Melted ice cream and powdered sugar combined to make cake icing? Sounds easy! There’s a catch. The recipe doesn’t work. It was only made in hopes of it going viral.

I consider myself to be a beyond average cook. There have been some videos on Tasty and So Yummy that made me question the competency of their “chefs” or “food creators.” You’ll notice their measurements are incorrect, the cooking times are too short (because everyone wants a quick meal), and the comment section is filled with people who tried the recipe and had disastrous results.

With my spidey senses already tingling, I discovered How to Cook That on Youtube.  She primarily creates baking videos, but she also debunks some of the most viral food videos by popular brands by testing the recipes, sharing her results, and explaining why they didn’t work.

Is So Yummy the WORST baking channel on YouTube? is a perfect example of their deception. Before you attempt any of these viral food videos, pay close attention and do your research. If it seems to easy to be true, it probably is. You’re better off googling an actual recipe.

An additional video I found interesting: Blossom’s Fake Video Exposed by Food Scientist




California Pizza Kitchen’s Take and Bake Pizza Review

I randomly checked my spam email and discovered a GrubHub coupon for a FREE California Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Pizza with at $15+ purchase plus free delivery (while supplies last). I may eat at CPK three times a year and only aware of their frozen pizzas at grocery stores. So, the option to get one of their pizzas ready to bake delivered to my home fascinated me. Let’s be honest, FREE fascinated me more. Props to GrubHub and their email headline suckering me into craving pizza.

CPK had several Take and Bake options on the menu but only three options were included in the free offer—BBQ chicken pizza $16.49, pepperoni $15.99, and cheese $14.99. Since the BBQ chicken option was the most expensive, I decided to go with that.

I didn’t know what to expect when it arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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