4 Ways to Get Your Bar Ready for Football Season

Football season is finally here! Football fans around the country are huddled up at their friend’s homes or at home, hosting their own football gatherings. Many people have a special game room or a man cave with a bar to enjoy the game. If you’re hosting, having a bar is amazing, but you have to be sure it’s football season ready!

Bar Top

To prevent spills, add bar molding. Bar molding can turn any countertop into a bar top. Not only will it prevent leakage, but it also comes in handy for your guests to relax their arms. Bar moldings are easy to find at affordable prices online or at your local woodworking store.

Is your bar top spill-proof and moisture and stain-resistant? Upgrade your bar top with custom or prefab quartz to make your life easier. With quartz, you don’t have to worry about accidental scratches or hard to remove beer and wine stains due to its durable and stain-resistant qualities. You can view our fine selection of custom and prefab quartz and give us a call at 818.890.0810 if you have any additional questions.


If you and your friends are rooting for a particular team, deck your bar out with your team’s merchandise! Grab team beer mugs, wine glasses, coasters, napkins and hang up your favorite player’s jersey. Turn the atmosphere into a VIP section. Place a TV or two at the bar so people can enjoy drinks, snacks, and the game without moving a muscle. If you’re inviting a friend over who is rooting for the opposite team, have their team’s logo present… on a napkin that you can wipe your hands with.


The majority of football games occur during daytime hours, but we can’t forget Sunday, Monday and Thursday Night Football. When a game runs into sunset hours, proper lighting will come in handy. Set the mood with dim or team-colored fluorescent or LED lights. Try to avoid regular light bulbs as they tend to get hot and use more energy. You can find lighting options at your local hardware store and online. Many decorative LED lights come with an adhesive backing to easily stick them anywhere. Try adding lights around the base of your bar or under your bar molding to prevent possible glare on your TV.

Stock Up

Time to go to Costco and stock up on food and beverages. If you have a counter or cabinet space behind your bar, display your beverages so guests can see their options. Make sure you have a fridge nearby to keep items stocked and cold. The last thing you want to do is run out of items and have to run to the kitchen and miss an important play.

With these easy tips, you’ll have a great time enjoying the game and hanging with close friends. Share these tips with others so you too can get the VIP treatment at their football party.