7 Elegant Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is the hub of every home. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, here are a couple of trends to get your creative juices flowing.

Shades of Gray

The standard color for kitchen cabinets may still be white, but gray is making a breakthrough. Shades of gray work well with a variety of colored countertops and wood finishes.

Modern Functionality

Changing the way your cabinets and drawers function elevates the style of your kitchen and provide additional space. Instead of cabinets opening outwards, switch to cabinets that open upwards and out. Many drawers are multifunctional and can swivel depending on the needed space.

Industrial Features

Rugged textures are becoming very popular in home kitchens. Adding brick walls, exposed pipes, natural stone surfaces or rustic wood doesn’t always make your kitchen look cold or stiff. Featuring one or two of these elements can add the pizzazz your kitchen needs.

Darker Floors

If you choose a light color for your cabinets or walls, select a dark floor stain. This design will allow your wall or cabinetry color to pop and add a cozy factor to the room.

Touch-Activated or Hands-Free Faucets

Touch-activated or hands-free faucets may seem gimmicky, but when your hands are covered in dirt or bacteria, tapping the faucet will come in handy. Touch-activated or hands-free faucets may also help save water and decrease your water bill.

Colorful Cast-Iron Sinks

Your sink doesn’t have to be stainless steel. Add a pop of color and farmhouse flair. Sinks come in a variety of colors from neutral to dark hues to pair with a variety of countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the toughest countertop material. Unlike granite, you don’t have to seal it annually to prevent damage. Quartz is the smart choice for families or cooks.

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