Appreciating the Little Things

It’s 7 am. The sunlight enters the bedroom window naturally waking a woman from her slumber. After a quick yawn and stretch, she heads to her bathroom to empty her bladder. Still physically and mentally waking up, she turns on the hot and cold water to create a comfortable temperature to wash her hands, face, and brush her teeth. 

Squinting from the abundance of sunshine beaming through her opened blinds, she walks into her living room towards her computer to boot it up. The desktop starts up immediately allowing her to hop on the internet and play the latest news vids. While catching up on what’s happening in the world, she opens her fridge to grab filtered water to prepare coffee. She scouts her selection of food deciding what will compliment her coffee. She chooses a bagel and cream cheese. 

As she awaits her bagel to toast, she sips on freshly brewed coffee while stepping onto her balcony to get some fresh air. The street is quiet with an occasional car or passerby. Her neighbors have unique schedules. Some have already left for work while others are still preparing for the day.

She hears the toaster oven beep notifying her the bagel is ready. Honey walnut cream cheese is slathered on the toasted bagel causing a sweet aroma to fill the kitchen. She grabs her hot breakfast and walks over to her computer desk. The day isn’t planned. There’s nothing on the schedule. She has the entire day to do whatever she chooses. Online shopping, laundry, write, head out with someone, exercise, or do absolutely nothing. The choice is hers. All she knows is it’s her day off, she doesn’t have to get out of her pajamas, and the coffee is truly hitting the spot. 

If you made it this far, this is what I do the first hour of waking up on my day off. You may be wondering what does my morning routine has to do with appreciating the little things. It has everything to do with the title. 

  1. I appreciate waking up in my bed with a roof over my head.
  2. I appreciate having a bathroom with clean running water.
  3. I appreciate seeing the sunlight beaming through my windows.
  4. I appreciate being able to afford the internet and a computer.
  5. I appreciate having food in my fridge and the option to choose what to eat.
  6. I appreciate preparing breakfast.
  7. I appreciate having a job that includes having a day off. 😀

You get the point. 

I didn’t want to do a simple list of things you should appreciate. I decided to go a different route. I guess I’m trying to be unique.

We’re so busy with our lives that we forget to appreciate the little things that are part of our daily routine, but ignored because of bigger things on our mind. The next time you wake up in the morning, have a day to yourself, or when you have a peaceful moment, pay attention to what you do and your surrounds. Appreciate the basics.

What are some small things you appreciate?