Five-Minute Breathing Meditation Tips and Benefits

If you’ve always been interested in meditation but can’t find the time, these five-minute breathing meditation tips are perfect for your busy life. It is best to meditate for 20-60 minutes, but you can experience focus and relaxation in just five minutes.

You may be thinking, “Five minutes? That’s not even worth doing.” It is better to do a five-minute breathing meditation segment than nothing at all. You’ll feel the difference. The busier you feel in life, the more you should meditate. Whether you realize it or not, you could be mentally stressed without actually feeling it.

Taking a break from your daily task and incorporating five-minute breathing meditation can help improve your concentration. If you have a busy mind or can get easily distracted, calming your mind may be difficult, but it is possible. Try to pick a single motivating topic to meditate about. Quiet your surroundings and focus on that thought. You’ll have to learn how to catch your mind when it drifts off to another distractor and pulling it back. If you need a sound to focus on while meditating, listen to rainfall, ocean waves or nature sounds.

Those who practice five-minute breathing meditation have also experienced increased memory. While meditating, you calm your mind and can think of or recall anything you choose. With improved concentration, you’ll be able to communicate with people more effectively because you’ll be able to articulate a clear concise thought. In turn, you’ll be able to retain more information. Although Buddhist monks are known to meditate for hours, their improved memory over time helped them learn full texts and recite it later.

Five-minute breathing meditation can also reduce stress and increase happiness. Life can be stressful, but stopping everything you’re doing for just five minutes can calm the mind. Believe it or not, effective breathing meditation can help reduce any pain you may feel caused by stress. Meditation acts as a distractor and takes your mind off of stressful events. With practice and patience, you can achieve relaxation and forget the troubles of your day.