Expectations are Low But Please Be Good! | Mortal Kombat (2021)

I’m creating more YouTube videos and figured why not talk about the recent Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer. I’m a fan of the franchise and really, really hope the film does well.

It’s my first video on this channel and I’ll definitely do more. If you want to listen to me ramble, here’s the video. 😀

Fast & Furious 9: The Franchise Has Lost Its Mind

I just saw the Fast & Furious 9 trailer.

OK. OK. OK. I won’t lie. I’ve seen EVERY Fast and Furious movie. I’ve enjoyed the franchise, but I’m not in denial that they have lost their minds after Fast 5.  This franchise hit a point where they have to up the ante with each film. The franchise switched from racers who were thieves to who knows what they are now.

I’ve never expected quality to come from the franchise, but their logic left the room a minimum of three films ago.

Maybe when Dom caught Letty in mid-air as she flew off the tank was the moment the franchise lost its mind.


After this moment, we had the neverending airport runway scene which Vulture calculated to be 28 miles long if it were to happen in real life.


In Furious 7, we had Dom and Brian in a car crashing through two skyscrapers. The Fate of the Furious had a couple of laughable scenes that included the entire final racing battle on the ice.

So here we are with the Fast & Furious 9 trailer doing some crazy ish again.


A car is coming towards, looks like Dom, while he’s on the side of a car. He should die, but knowing this franchise, he’ll slip right in the passenger window as it flips over.


This reminds me of Deadpool 2 when the Juggernaut punched through.


Deadpool 2

There’s a car driving across a bridge that’s collapsing and riding along just fine because disregard logic and gravity.


This shows Dom driving towards the same cliff, but without the bridge. What does this franchise do? They have him crash into a post with a cable that conveniently latches on to the tire, swings them around, gains tension, and will probably swing them to the other side with a perfect landing.


Yes, I may be assuming, but I’ve seen EVERY movie and I’m quite sure I’m right. Oh and one more thing. Han is back.


I won’t even question how the heck he’s back because out of everything I’ve shown you, his appearance made the most logical sense and the film hasn’t even explained it to me yet.

Keeping it real with anyone reading this, I’ll probably pre-game (get tipsy), get a ticket for this movie, grab a beer at the theater bar, maintain my buzz throughout the film, and have a good laugh. Fast & Furious 9 comes out May 22.