The Commute: My Thoughts and People on the Metro

Riding the metro is more convenient than people realize in Los Angeles. Whether you catch the bus or train, these are the specific people I see or thoughts I have while riding the metro.

The Tourists

Depending on the time of the day, I always see tourists in my area. They stand out from the rest of us. I ask, “Where are you from?” “How did you know we aren’t from around here?” they reply. To be honest, compared to people who live in California, tourists standout like the peanut in an M&M. Probably not the best comparison, but you get what I mean.

The most recent tourists were from London. They had a different style and were pale. You can tell they haven’t been kissed by the sun to have a year-round tan like Los Angelenos. They were enjoying their vacation and exploring the Beverly Hills area. The shops were a bit expensive for their budget, but they enjoyed the atmosphere. They were going to explore Hollywood later that night but had to make a stop at their Airbnb in West Hollywood. They were amazed at how convenient the metro system is in Los Angeles. If you have the patience, you don’t need to drive. Not only is parking limited, but it’s also expensive in most areas. Let’s not even talk about gas prices. Ok, no. Let’s just say it’s above $5 for regular in some areas.

Who Are You?

I look at commuters and wonder if they’re going to work or heading home. If they’re going to work, do they enjoy their job? What do they do? Some commuters are asleep by the time I get on the metro. What time do they have to wake up and how long is their commute?

Sometimes I want to follow people around. Not really because that would be illegal, but maybe be a fly on the wall just to see what others do. I don’t know why, but that idea fascinates me. I know what I do and see the people I interact with, but what about those I encounter and never see again until the next morning?

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

I feel as though many people don’t take that advice. I guess I want to know more about the people I see. I wonder about them more when we run across each other even when I switch my route and departure time. Why are we still seeing each other when my job is now in a completely different direction? Did your job switch locations? Are you running late? How are we still seeing each other?

The Angry People

Did they wake up hating the world? The sun is still rising and they have an attitude.

I’ve seen people who refuse to give others seats. Either they pretend they don’t hear them, pretend to not speak English, or straight up refuse.

Others have rushed people onto or off of the metro as if wherever they’re going is going to disappear if they don’t get there on time.
Thankfully, I don’t see many of them.

The Yappers

Some people are natural yappers. They can and will talk to anyone about anything at any time. Whether the conversation is about their coffee, their morning, family, etc, they will talk about it. I don’t know if they don’t have anyone else to talk to at home or if they just enjoy conversing with people.

The Friendships

I’ve been taught to switch up my routes and times so people won’t get used to my schedule for safety reasons. I don’t think others learned the same. Some people catch the same metro at the same time every day. Due to this consistency, they have become familiar with others on the metro and built a friendship. They don’t get on or off at the same stop but always sit next to each other.

Two older ladies love seeing each other. They hug and talk about their grandchildren, work, food, and the news daily. Their metro friendship has evolved into them exchanging cards and fruit. I overheard them mentioning swapping lunches one day. They kept their word and exchanged Tupperware packed with food. They made each other lunches for the day. How cute?! I don’t see these ladies as often as I used to due to switching up my route, but they still sit together if they work the same day.

Do you catch the metro? Have you observed the interesting habits of people?