Blogtober 2019: No Idea What to Write, But I’m Doing It

I just found out October is Blogtober. I’m already a day late, but challenge accepted!

If you aren’t familiar with Blogtober, the challenge is to post a blog each day of October. The topic can be about whatever you choose. Some bloggers may be more strategic based on their audience/niche, they may want to gain more traffic, incorporate more SEO, etc. My goal is to simply write more.

What am I going to write about? I have no idea!

My life has been busy and stressful, but I’ve been itching to write more. I feel like I’m letting my imagination go to waste due to my job taking over my life and my over-appreciation for taking naps on my days off.

I will get out of my mechanical rut of repeating mundane life expectancies that don’t provide intellectual stimulation or pleasure in my life.

I could write about the BS that’s going on at my job, but there is enough negativity in the world as soon as you turn on your TV or step out of your door. Let’s keep things positive for once.

I’ll post another blog later today or I’ll do it tomorrow. See, I’m already procrastinating—side-eyeing myself right now (¬_¬).

Are you participating in Blogtober?